Executive Director’s Annual Letter (Polly’s Note)

December 2023

Dear CCC Friends and Families,

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!

At this time of the year, we are more aware than usual of the tremendous gift that children bring to our
lives. The joy and excitement we are experiencing just would not be possible without children in our
world. Spending time with the children at the Country Childrens Center and seeing the wonder in their
eyes remains one of the greatest joys of my life.
I am also blessed with 3 wonderful grandchildren in my personal life. I have experienced 100s of births
during my 35 years at the CCC and the miracle of each new life is still a wondrous event. As I watch my
grandchildren grow and develop, I am always awestruck, considering the trust that is placed in us by the CCC parents each day. It is such an awesome responsibility, as well as such a wonderful privilege, to have a part in the development of each child as we partner with parents. Everyone at the CCC takes this responsibility very seriously.
This year we have more than 100 CCC staff who care for over 450 children daily. While we have grown
quite a bit during my tenure, we have not changed in our focus and priority. That priority is to provide
the best care possible for every child at the CCC. Our good work in our community will celebrate its 57th
year in 2024. We are very proud of our longevity and sustainability within our community. It would not
be possible without your trust and support.
At this holiday time, my wish for all of you is time to spend with your families, time to see the wonder in
the world through children’s eyes and hopefully time to relax and find peace each in your own way.
Thank you for being part of our CCC family and for supporting our work. To further support our work
please consider an end of year donation to the CCC. Attached here is a form for that purpose. You can
also easily do this on our website by clicking on the “donate now” button on our homepage.

Happy Holidays.