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December 2018

Dear Country Childrens Center Families and Friends,

Here we are again at that wonderful time of year where we take time to reflect, connect and consider both the year just ending and the year before us.

For the Country Childrens Center, the year just passed was a good one. We were able to continue our work by growing our enrollment to over 600 children. On a daily basis these children had a fun, secure and engaging place to be while their parents were able to go to work knowing their children were safe and well cared for.  The committed, experienced and well trained staff of the CCC is directly responsible for this daily success of our programs.

When people visit the CCC they are always in awe of the amazing sites we have where children spend their days. These sites offer enhancements to our programs that set us apart from other programs in the area. On a daily basis children can experience nature up close by taking a walk on one of our nature trails, working in our gardens, running in open fields, swinging under giant trees, feeding farm animals or even swimming in our pools under beautiful blue skies during summer months.

These are the things that visitors and families can easily see when at the sites. However, what is not so easily seen is what else is also part of the CCC program and also sets us apart. This is the heart of the CCC. Behind the scenes, for over 50 years, the CCC has been helping families who need childcare, want the best for their children but cannot afford the full cost of care. Last year the CCC gave almost $200,000 to these families in need. These families come to us with a variety of different circumstances. Many are single parents. Some have recently lost a job and need help temporarily while they search for a new one. Some have experienced the death of one of the parents in the family. In these cases the CCC not only offers financial help, but emotional help to the families as well.  Sometimes there are even more dire circumstances that we help with. Recently a family came to us who had a child who was extremely ill and they needed care for the younger sibling while they dealt with this unfolding family crisis. This situation was so time intensive for the parents that the mom could no longer work. So not only did this family need care they had no way to pay for it. The CCC quickly took this child in and is now happy and doing great each day while the family continues its struggle against unbelievable odds. None of us ever want to be in this kind of a position. However, it is fortunate for the community that the CCC is there with an open heart and an open hand when asked to help families. This is who we are and have always been though this is not so obvious to see when one looks simply at our wonderful facilities.

In the coming year, the Country Childrens Center will open a new program in Vista NY. With this expansion the CCC will once again provide a great environment for the children in our beautiful new building with all its enhancements. Once again as well, we will be able to serve our community as we move to this underserved area and meet the needs of the families there.

We look forward with excitement to this expansion and the opportunities it will present for us to better serve our community. As we move forward, we ask if you will consider a donation to the CCC to help us to continue our work. Any donation will be put to great use be it scholarships, program enhancements or increases for staff. You can donate by visiting our website www.countrychildrenscenter.org and clicking on the “donate now” button on the home page or you can use the form attached here and mail it to the Country Childrens Center office at PO Box 91 Katonah, New York 10536.

Thank you for your consideration. Remember the Country Childrens Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization for your tax purposes and also eligible for matching grants with some corporations.

Happy New Year,


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