Pre-School/Pre-K Program

preschoolPre-School/Pre-K Program

Located at:
412 Cross River Road (Rt. 35) – Katonah
466 Cross River Road (Rt. 35) – Katonah
410 Bedford Road – Bedford Hills
800 Oak Ridge Commons – South Salem
823 Pinesbridge Road – Yorktown Heights
862 Kitchawan Road (Rte 134)-Yorktown Heights
Hours of Operation:

The main goal for the pre-school/pre-K programs is to encourage a strong self-image and self-confidence, and to prepare children to be ready for formal school upon entrance to kindergarten.  Our programs strive to meet the needs of individual children, as well as the whole group.  Language skills, verbal expression and listening, social studies, science, mathematical concepts, art, music, cooking, creative dramatics, and pre-reading activities are part of our weekly programs.  Guided free play, indoor and outdoor large muscle activities are also part of our daily schedule.  The Center believes that play is a child’s basic research and that learning takes place when children have the opportunity to explore and experiment in a secure environment.

914-242-0520 ext 401 -Karen Marino